GAMING LINKS - a long-time producer of player cards for APBA baseball. a very cool baseball board game. offers a variety

of professional and college statistically driven sports game venues for the PC. the producer of an innovative golf board game that features current and old time professional players. the home page for the APBA Game Company. lots of interesting stuff for tabletop sports gamers. hosts various statistical sports game forums.

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REFERENCE LINKS - provides a wealth of information and statistical data on college sports. for insights on Atlantic Coast Conference sports. the place to go for the American Athletic Conference sports. the place to go for Big East Conference sports. this is the home of Big Ten Conference sports. for all the news about Big 12 Conference sports. visit here for the scoop on Southeastern Conference sports. the resource for your Pac-10 Conference sports. another great site for statistical insights on college sports. lots of stats for college basketball teams. Worth joining! lots of stats for pro basketball, some college. A good site to support. a load of stats for pro basketball and baseball. Very nice. the NBA website, an excellent resource for player/teams stats and rules. the website of International basketball, this is the place for international rules. John Templon’s blog devoted to Chicago college basketball teams. Jon Scott’s great website of Kentucky basketball stats.

MISCELLANOUS LINKS - is the source for a sports board gamer’s standard or custom perforated paper needs. dice are not needed for Classic College Basketball, but if you do, this is a good source. a medical resource for a very poor part of Mississippi. Great people doing great things. the New England Veterans Shelter, helping homeless vets, help themselves. the home page of the United States Marine Corps. Over 235 years of history and tradition. Hoorah! the home page of the New Jersey Air National Guard. Go Guard!

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