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Classic College & Pro Basketball 1956-57 Pro Game and Card Sets

(game sets include all game components • click this link to pro team cards sets)


Boston 44-28

Syracuse 38-34

Philadelphia 37-35

New York 36-36


Fort Wayne 34-38

Minneapolis 34-38

St. Louis 34-38

Rochester 31-41

All 8 teams,105 cards, $26.95

All 8 teams, 105 cards, $12.95

Game Sets

Card Sets

Conference Finals Set, 4 teams, 52 cards, $15.95

Conference Finals Set, 4 teams, 52 cards, $5.95

Note: All players for this season have been carded.

Players who played for two or more teams have received a separate card for each team based upon their specific statistics for that team.

Games include: instructions, a deck of 100 Factor Cards, one basic and two advanced set-up tables,

x-chart & power rating charts, advance option play chart, 10 double-sided scoresheets, a card stock scoresheet for making copies, and game history.

These sets includes cards for all team players.

A reference sheet is also provided explaining the playoff system used for this competition.

These cards have been not calculated with ratings for technical fouls, the statistics to do so are not available.

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