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Classic College & Pro Basketball 1969-70 ABA Pro Game and Card Sets

(game sets include all game components • click this link to pro team cards sets)

Games include: instructions, a deck of 101 Factor Cards, one basic and two advanced set-up tables, x-chart & power rating charts, advance option play chart, 10

double-sided scoresheets, a card stock scoresheet

for making copies, and game history.

These cards have been not calculated with ratings for technical fouls, the statistics to do so are not available.

Pro card sets may be purchased separately from game

sets and do not include game components. Card sets include a description of the changes needed to play the

pro game including instructions and a Factor Card

used for determining an illegal defense violation.

The extra player set is an optional purchase to expand rosters from 1 to 9 players. For playoffs, rosters

expand to 13 with 12 allowed to dress.

All 11 teams, 132 cards, $30.95

All 11 teams, 132 cards, $16.95

Game Sets

Card Sets

What’s In Your Game Box?

League Playoff Set, 8 teams, 96 cards, $26.95

League Playoff Set, 8 teams, 96 cards, $12.95

Extra Players for 11 teams, 52 cards, $5.95

Conference Finals Set, 4 teams, 48 cards, $5.95

Conference Finals Set, 4 teams, 48 cards, $19.95

Western Division

Denver 51-33

Dallas 45-39

Washington 44-40

Los Angeles 43-41

New Orleans 42-42

Note: Extra cards for players who played for two or more teams, and who receive two or more cards, are based upon their specific statistics for that team.

Eastern Division

Indiana 59-25

Kentucky 45-39

Carolina 42-42

New York 39-45

Pittsburgh 29-55

Miami 23-61