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Classic College & Pro Basketball 2010 FIBA World Championship Game and Card Sets

(game sets include all game components • click this link to pro team cards sets)

2010 Teams

United States (Gold) 9-0

Turkey (Silver) 8-1

Lithuania (Bronze) 8-1

Serbia 6-3

Argentina 7-2

Spain 5-4

Russia  6-3

Slovenia 5-4

Australia 3-3

Brazil 3-3

France 3-3

Greece 3-3

New Zealand 3-3

Angola 2-4

Croatia 2-4

China 1-5

Germany 2-3

Côte d’Ivorie 1-4

Iran 1-4

Lebanon 1-4

Puerto Rico 1-4

Canada 0-5

Jordan 0-5

Tunesia 0-5

Teams are listed in the order of their finish.

Games include: instructions, a deck of 100 Factor Cards, one basic and two advanced set-up tables, x-chart & power rating charts, advance option play chart, 10 double-sided scoresheets, a card stock scoresheet for making copies, and game history.

These sets includes cards for each teams 12 roster players except for Team Russia which has 11 players.

A reference sheet is also provided explaining the playoff

system used for this competition.

These cards have been not calculated with a player specific rating for technical fouls, the statistics to do so are not available. A general rating applies to all players

All 24 teams, 287 cards, $50.95

All 24 teams, 287 cards, $36.95

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