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The 2004-05 season was the first year for Classic College Basketball™. It was a very good year for college basketball. For North Carolina’s Tar Heels (33-4) it was another trip to the Final Four and a NCAA National Championship. Duke and Wake Forest, both 27-6, and newcomer Boston College (25-5) helped to provide for an exciting ACC season. The Syracuse Orangemen (27-7) led the Big East in wins, Villanova (24-8), Connecticut (23-8), and West Virginia (24-11), made things interesting. Illinois (37-2) got to the Final Four, and had the most Division I wins. Michigan State Spartan’s (26-7) surprised everyone, and themselves, by getting to the Big Dance. Wisconsin (25-9), made the

Sweet 16. Oklahoma State (25-7) paced the Big 12, close behind came Kansas (23-7), and Texas Tech (22-11). Kentucky (28-6) was tough on SEC opponents all year. Florida (24-8) was just staring to flex it’s muscle.

In the PAC-10 Arizona racked up 30 wins, Washington had 28. Louisville (31-5) got to big party in St. Louis. Gonzaga (26-5) topped the West Coast Conference. Utah (27-6) reached the Sweet 16. Horizon League's UW-Milwaukee (24-6) played well all year.

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'05 Season Recap

Major Conferences

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Big Ten - 11 Teams/$17.49/$2.20

Big 12 - 12 Teams/$18.95/$2.40

SEC - 12 Teams/$18.95/$2.40

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Major Conferences – 68 Teams/$110.49/$14.60

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Elite 8 - 8 Teams/$12.95/$1.60

Sweet 16 - 16 Teams/$24.95/$3.20

Round of 32 - 32 Teams/$48.95/$6.40

Other Teams

Coaches Poll Top 25 - 25 Teams/$38.49/$5.00

Coaches Poll Top 20 - 20 Teams/$30.95/$4.00

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