Classic College & Pro Basketball 1969-70 Pro Player Cards • Team Cards • Game Components

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Pro Card Sets 1969-70

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All 14 Teams/168 cards/$21.95

Conference Finals/4 Teams/49 cards/$6.95


New York 60-22

Milwaukee 56-26

Baltimore 50-32

Philadelphia 42-20

Cincinnati 36-46

Boston 34-48

Detroit 31-51


Atlanta 48-34

Los Angeles 46-36

Chicago 39-43

Phoenix 39-43

Seattle 36-46

San Francisco 30-52

San Diego 27-55


Conference Semi-Finals/8 Teams/96 cards/$12.95

Extra Players Set/18 cards/$3.49

Game Components

Game Components - $15.95

Postage - $7.95

Flat Rate Postage (add once for this order)

This player card set includes 12 players per team.

The extra player card Set 1 will expand rosters to

include all players who played for a given team

during the season. During the playoffs team rosters

are expanded to 13 players with 12 allowed to dress.

Team Cards

Team cards are designed to play the pro version of

Classic College & Pro Basketball™ using one card per team. Team cards are available for all of the 1969-70 pro teams. To order a team card set(s) click the basketball next to the add to cart button. The price

of a team card set varies by the number of teams in a

group. When playing with team cards you use the

game components as with the player card version.

Game Components

A set of game components is needed to play the

Classic College & Pro Basketball game. They

include: a four-color game box, charts, instructions, scoresheets, and factor cards. All card sets include printed envelopes. To order game components

use the Game Components Add To Cart button.

Flat Rate Postage

The flat rate postage for any order is $7.95,

and must be added to your order [one time]

using the Add To Cart button shown left.